Balgo to Kununurra and back


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I drove the Troupie to Kununurra last monday to get the fuel injection problem looked at. Luckily my OBDII device enabled me to clear the engine code using my laptop and bluetooth. The engine code causes the vehicle to go into “limp mode” which means it won’t drive above around 40klm/hr.
The mechanic in kununurra wanted $7.5k to replace the EFI system.Since the vehicle functions perfectly once the code is cleared i find it hard to believe there is much wrong with it.the mechanic at Argyle Motors, who did the testing said it could also be a ” bit of crap in the fuel line” and could clear itself. On this basis it was decided to get the vehicle back to Broome. I had to clear the code several times on the way back to Halls Creek but the vehicle cruised comfortably at 110kmh. i dropped the vehicle at Sadlier Nexus and waited at the Parish House for Fr James to return from Broome with a replacement vehicle. We headed back to Balgo at 7:45am and we weren’t to sure what the crossing at the Sturt would be like as the road is officially closed as “impassable”. We dropped in at the Billiluna School and the aboriginal lady there told us that the HC Council had filled the washout with rocks. We did a walkthrough of the crossing and the hole had been filled well and the water was only about 30cm deep. We drove across in 2wd without any problems.